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The Pay

We’ve found great ways to make your summer enjoyable while motivating you to keep pushing hard (again, more money in your pocket).

Here’s how Pest Control Sales Work:

Sell a Contract -> Get a % Commission on that Contract’s Value.

In this line of work, you’ll always be able to calculate how much you’re earning at a given moment. The more sales you get, the more $ you make!

For example:
1 (sale) x $550 (year contract value) x 30% (commission) = $165

But… this is the minimum you’ll make per sale. The more sales you get the higher your percentage will be as well! It is all retroactive, meaning that when you hit a certain tier, you’ll be paid a higher percentage for all past sales and all future sales. This is the magic of pest control sales.

Us vs. Them

Owned and operated by 6 brothers (Aaron, Bryan, Dennis, Barry, Grant, Mark Christensen).

This is the biggest difference between us and other sales companies. When you work for us you are working with us. You will get to know us and we will do everything in our power to make you successful. When you are successful, so are we.

Not a marketing company.

We own the company. We run the sales teams as well as the office staff and technicians. If you ever have questions about pay, route scheduling, or anything else, you can text us directly

Excellent pay.

We are proud to offer one of the strongest salesmen payscales in the industry. We value our sales agents and the commission percentage is a reflection of that.

Opportunity for growth.

There will always be opportunities for growth with us. Whether it be managing positions or careers, we are always looking for hard working people.


All 6 brothers are former salesmen, so we know how long and draining the summers can be. We like to party. Daily, weekly, monthly and yearly incentives are offered. We want you to enjoy your summer while making lots of money. We also do a lot of wakeboarding and host parties at our 4,000 acre ranch in southern Oklahoma.

Personalized training.

You aren’t just a number to us. We genuinely want everyone to be successful and our trainings reflect that. If someone is struggling, we provide one on one trainings to get them back on track.

Great Working Hours.

We understand that the summer can be taxing. We also want all our salesmen to enjoy their summers and look forward to coming back the next year. We only require 6 knocking hours per day. Generally, we will have sales training at 1 pm daily (9 am Saturdays). This allows sales agents to have the entire morning “off.” We want you to go to the gym, sit by the pool, play golf or basketball – whatever you want to do. After training, we just ask you to go out and sell until dark.

$100 Bonus.

An easy way to make extra money during the summer is by working 8 hours/day, 6 days/week. We will pay you $100 cash every time you do. That $100/week goes a long way. Over the course of 18 weeks, 1,800 bucks will help buy your gas and food for the summer.

85 days.

Most companies are very stringent about how many days you work (some only give a few personal days). We understand that you have a lot going on, that’s why we only require you to work 85 days. We figure there are about 110-120 working days in between most college semesters – that leaves you plenty of time to work your 85 days while also attending necessary family reunions, weddings, etc.

Rent Bonus.

We have a great rent bonus – free rent once you hit 100 sales (150 for married). Not only will you have an easy opportunity to live rent free but we will also be sure to put you in a nice apartment complex and lightly furnish each apartment for you.

Cancun Bonus.

Pack your bags – any sales agent who sells 125 accounts will party with us in Cancun (or equivalent).

Proven Locations.

All of our markets have proven to be great for door-to-door sales. You will know which one you are assigned to well before the summer begins.

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