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Pest Control Summer Sales

Make the Most out of Your Summer!

Selling Pest Control during the summer can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life. You can make good money, learn invaluable skills, and have lots of fun in the process.

The Experience

We’ve been in the pest control industry longer than some college students have been alive. We know the ins and outs of selling pest control, and can help you have a productive (and fun) summer. The residents of the areas in which you be selling NEED the service- it’s just up to you to present it to them in a convincing way. Brown Recluse Spiders, Ants, Cockroaches, and other pests drive homeowners crazy.

​The sale isn’t as hard as other types of summer sales like satellite or security. In fact, most people who come to us will sell twice the number of pest control accounts than with security systems! Getting consistent sales helps motivate you to continue pushing hard thorough the summer.

There are lots of pest control companies out there that will make all kinds of audacious claims of averages, percentages, and extra perks for signing up with them. The chances of you actually getting those is usually slim. It’s best to judge a summer sales company on character and reliability rather than just the numbers that they spew (which could very well be inflated).

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We only sell in areas that NEED our services and can pay for it. This ensures that there will be demand for your offer on the doors. We’ve scoped out all of the selling areas – we won’t send you to an area where you can’t get sales.

Came across this nightmare knocking doors last week

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The Premier Opportunity for College Students

We have created a way for college students to graduate debt-free and gain skills that will help them in any career path they choose.

The Fun

We work hard, and we play harder. We have found the best ways to keep our reps motivated and working hard, including skydiving, huge end-of-summer trips, parties at the ranch, and more.

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