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Full Sale – Skeleton

1. Door Approach

1a. Introduction
1b. Customers
1c. Bugs
1d. Discount
1e. Close

WAIT: Let them ask you “How much is half price?”  This is the question you want.

2. Pricing
3. Service Agreement
4. Guarantee
5. Service Explanation
6. Bugs
7. Positives/Butter
8. Close

Full Sale Example
(1a Introduction) “Hi, I’m with 6 Brothers’ Pest Control
(1b Customers) we are treating several customers in your neighborhood
(1c Bugs) for spiders, fleas and wasps tomorrow and Thursday.
(1d Discount) While we’re here we’re offering half off our initial inside-outside service
(1e Close) would tomorrow or Thursday work for us to treat your home at half price?”

Customer: “How much is half price?”

(2 Pricing) “Normally our initial service is $180 but since we’re here in your area we can do it for just $90, that’s half price!
(3 Service Agreement) We then service your home every other month for just $99!
(4 Guarantee) We guarantee that you won’t have bugs all year long and if you do, we will come back in between those regular services for free!
(5 Service Explanation) Our initial service includes interior and exterior treatment. On the outside, we use a 50-gallon power sprayer and de-webb your eaves. It’s very thorough. On the inside, we use our handheld sprayer and treat entryways and corners which are high-traffic bug areas.
(6 Bugs) The bugs we take care of include ants, spiders, fleas, ticks, wasps, mice, rats and many more.
(7 Positives/Butter) You’ll love our customer service and the fact that we’re locally owned. We’d appreciate your business and we are going to take great care of you all year long.
(8 Close) Is tomorrow morning or afternoon better for you?”


Why Sell for Us?

1. Pay. Probably your main concern is how much money you are going to make. Our payscale is extremely competitive. Remember, it isn’t where you start on the pay scale, it’s where you finish. Selling door to door isn’t easy but that’s why it pays SO well. Work hard, be personable, be thick skinned and the sales will come.

2. Lifestyle. You are NOT required to work 10-hour days. We don’t want this job to ruin your summer. Most reps for other companies say they hated their summer. That’s not how we roll. We want you to LOVE being out here so you come back, again, again, and again. That’s why we give you all morning to go swimming in the apartment pool, wakeboard with the owners, paintball, sleep in (not recommended), go to six flags, hike a mountain, I don’t flippin’ know. We are not discouraging people that want to work all day, we are just not requiring it because most guys would prefer to be fresh going into their 6 hours.

3. 85 work days. Other companies make you commit ALL summer long, if you leave early for school or a family reunion you might just be giving up part of your back-end check. We only require 85 work days out of about 105 days. Also, where else are you going to find a high paying job for four months?

4. Working for a smaller, family-owned company. Lots of guys go to sell for marketing companies or huge pest companies where they have never met the owner and have 0 vested interest in the company or the owner. We want you to want to help us out and feel a little pride in helping to grow an outstanding company. You may have heard of guys getting “screwed” by sales teams. I don’t think anyone can say that about us. We will make darn sure that everyone gets every dollar they earned.

5. Best service in town- We have good competitive prices. Our service goes above and beyond all other companies (local or national). I have yet to find a company that puts as much into a service as us. We will also retain nearly 95% of serviced customers (not many charge-backs). If a salesman makes a sale, we will do everything in our power to get it serviced. Same-day and Next-day services.

6. Sport. Door to door sales is tough, if anybody tells you differently they are lying! We like to make it a SPORT! Competition drives your sales UP! We want you to be the best you can be, beat your selling partner, beat the office, be # 1 in the company! Competition among friends only makes you sell more and everybody earns more!

7. Training. We want you to be the best sales rep you are capable of becoming! We will offer several pre-season trainings throughout the spring as well as pre-season sales opportunities. Daily trainings in the field from top reps and corporate motivational meetings and incentives to maximize your sales. Nightly meetings will be held for those who wish to have additional training (bagel meetings). Managers or team leads will go out on the doors with you if necessary.

8. Incentives. Our incentives are first class. We don’t know a company out there that offers incentives like we do. Skydiving, big screen tv’s, laptops, phones, shoes, gift cards, CASH, etc, etc, etc.

9. Fun. We have a really fun time, ask any former sales rep! Waterskiing, floating the river, paint-balling, Lake Powell, basketball leagues, movies, dinners. We understand that selling can be a grind – having fun is an important aspect of keeping spirits high and the sales pouring in!

10. Area. A lot of other companies make you stay in one little quadrant of the city for weeks at a time even if you’re not doing very well. We understand that when you are happy and successful we are also successful. If you aren’t doing well in an area we will move you or do whatever it takes to get you selling.

11. It’s an adventure – do something different! Get to know a different city and area of the country. Getting out of town to work is fun and makes you more focused on your goal of making money.

12. Free rent at awesome apartment complexes–(Gated, Pools, Hot tubs)–Great living conditions (often-Indoor b-ball court, Golf, Theater Rooms)

13. Security. A lot of guys have heard horror stories about a company withholding their back-end check or promising something that they couldn’t deliver. Knowing the owners goes a long way and understanding that they’re honorable and will do whatever it takes to get their salesman paid.

14. Resume builder. It’s nice to be able to put on a resume “Worked as a door to door sales rep for Six Brothers Pest Control and brought in over $125,000 in new revenue in four months.” We have written many awesome “Letters of Recommendation” for our past sales reps.

15. Looks great on applications. If you ever have to apply for med school, law school, or any job; having door to door experience can often times put you ahead of another applicant with a similar education.

16. Sales make the world go round. Every business on earth survives on sales. No matter what your future profession is, the ability to bring on clients and customers is invaluable.

17. Great for your career. If you treat your work during the summer like “your own small business”, not only will it benefit you while you are selling, but it will prepare you for future business endeavors.

18. The lifestyle. Most sales reps are young college-age students. Because you are able to make so much money during the summer you can go to school without having to get a part-time job which allows you to take more credits and graduate faster. You will have the ability to spend money on things that you normally couldn’t, you can enjoy your college years more (date, ski, etc) because you aren’t so stressed financially. It allows you to prepare financially for marriage, buying a house or saving for graduate school. Excelling in summer sales just makes your life easier.

19. Your personal life. The confidence that you gain as a summer sales rep is unmatched in any other profession. Those who excel can parlay their talents into other areas of their life, like confidence in front of the opposite sex, school and work projects, interviews, social relationships, etc.

20. Bless the lives of others. If you make a lot of money one summer or over the course of several summers with us – remember others. There are so many people in the world who are in desperate need of assistance. If you are willing to give now at the beginning of your professional career, it will be easier to give later. Gregg Popovich, head coach of the San Antonio Spurs, was asked why it’s important to donate to charities and he said, “because we are rich as hell and we don’t need it all, and other people need it, and you’re an ass if you don’t give it, pretty simple.” The billionaire Jon Huntsman said, “the time to give away money is when you make it.” We don’t want to preach to you, it’s your money and you can use it how you want – just think about it.